The Dog Beautiful” is the very appropriate nickname for this gorgeous specimen of canine good looks! From it’s lovely thick snow-white coat to it’s perky, erect ears and gloriously plumed tail, the American Eskimo seems to have been created to be admired!

Also referred to as the “Eskie”, this member of the Spitz family descended from the German Spitz, and was recognised and renamed by the United Kennel Club in 1913. Recently recognised by the American Kennel Club (1996), this adorable breed has gained popularity world-wide as an exceptional family pet.

The Eskie is an energetic, alert and loyal animal that makes a great watchdog. The breed comes in three sizes; toy, miniature and standard. Early and consistent obedience training is essential in keeping this breeds’ natural protectiveness of it’s home and family from becoming aggressiveness towards strangers.

The thick double coat sheds heavily and requires a thorough weekly brushing. American Eskimos adapt well to any size dwelling, provided that daily exercise is offered.

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