Powder Puff Chinese Crested Puppy
Powder Puff Chinese Crested Puppy

About Chinese Crested Puppies

Despite it’s name, the small, hairless and coated dogs known as Chinese Cresteds are actually thought to have originated in Africa, and have existed for many centuries in Central and South America and the West Indies.

Once the cherished pets of Chinese Mandarins, these small, elegant little dogs were given the name “Chinese Crested Dogs” because of that association.

Chinese Crested Dogs are a toy breed, measuring from 9 to 13 inches, and weighing under 12 pounds. There are two variations in coat; hairless skin or powderpuff (both can be born in the same litter) which come in a wide variety of colors or color combinations.

Hairless Chinese Crested Dogs have a very distinctive crest of hair or mane that grows from the top of it’s head and the back of it’s neck, a plume of hair flowing from the tail, and unique tufts of hair on it’s feet. These dogs require special care as they are susceptible to dry skin, sunburn and even acne.

The Powder Puff Chinese Crested puppy variety has a short undercoat covered by a soft, straight veil of long hair. Chinese Crested Dogs are happy, alert and agile dogs that make wonderful companions. They are very clean and have very little odor.

Chinese Crested Dogs are best suited to city or suburban life, and thrive on plenty of love and attention. Exercise needs are moderate. Extra care must be taken when out for a walk to protect this dog from extremes of hot or cold weather.

Hairless Chinese crested puppy
Hairless Chinese Crested Puppy

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