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A Cockapoo is a cross between a Cocker Spaniel and a Poodle. Cockapoos have been recognized by the American people as a very special cross since about 1960; they have been purposely breed since the 1950’s.

Cockapoos vary in size and color – there are no requirements of conformity in either. Both size and color are determined genetically from the parents, so the resulting Cockapoo puppy will be a cross that resembles both of its parents and their recent heritage.

Smaller Cockapoos down to almost toy size can be had from toy poodles and small cockers; conversely larger Cockapoos from mid size to giant can result from larger cockers and mini or standard poodles. Color will mix according to the parents also – and Cockapoos can be solid, phantom or parti-colored.

Cockapoos are considered 1st generation if the parents are pure cocker spaniel and pure poodle. Cockapoo to Cockapoo is 2nd generation and beyond.

They are still Cockapoos as long as the origin of the Cockapoo pedigree line was 1/2 cocker and 1/2 poodle and nothing else has been mixed in along the way, and it stays Cockapoo to Cockapoo without adding back in any poodle or cocker.

Cockapoos will almost always show strong characteristics of both parents, but they definitely show both parents in a unique way that gives Cockapoos such a special look.

In getting the best of both worlds Cockapoos acquire a keen intelligence, more from the poodle (which has consistently ranked among the worlds smartest dogs ) than from the cocker (which is not a criticism, but cockers are not noted for high intelligence).

Cockapoos get some sturdiness from the cocker – this is not to say the poodle is fragile but cockers have heavier bone structure. The hair coat of the Cockapoo tends to be wavy but not as tightly curled as the poodle nor absolutely straight like some cockers.

Poodles are noted for longevity as are hybrids giving the Cockapoo a double dose of longevity. Cockapoos are also noted for their wonderful dispositioin and great tolerance of indiscretions, with a very forgiving nature. They are great with children.

The indeterminate hair type of the poodle ( continuous growth ) contributes the low to no shedding characteristic to the Cockapoo, while the cocker adds some silkiness.

The resulting hair type is also very low allergenic – without an undercoat producing excess dander. Most people with allergies to other dogs find that they can tolerate a Cockapoo with minimum or any discomfort from their usual symptoms.

Thus, for people wanting a low to no odor and low to no shedding, highly intelligent dog that is easy to train and absolutely wonderful for children of all ages, playful and energetic but easy to care for, and that will be around for a while, the ideal dog is the Cockapoo.

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