Also known as the Pyrenean Mountain Dog, the Great Pyrenees or “Pyr” descends from the Molossian hounds that date back to ancient Roman times, brought to Spain by the Romans, where the breed became well established in the Pyrenean Mountains on the border between France and Spain.

Great Pyrenees are large, beautiful and highly intelligent dogsthat were entrusted with the formidable task of guarding fortresses and protecting sheep from predators, sometimes left alone for days at a time.

Highly prized for their working abilities and appearance, the Great Pyrenees were bred pure for centuries, and were even made the official dog of the court of King Louis XIV of France.

In the 1930’s the Great Pyrenees found it’s way across the Atlantic to the US, in the form of some excellent breeding dogs, and has since become one of the more popular breeds, both for work, and as a loveable family pet.

Great Pyrenees are large, regal looking dogs that stand up to 32 inches at the shoulder and weigh in the area of 100 pounds. They have a dense, double coat, which makes them able to withstand cold and wet weather when performing their duties.

The Great Pyrenees outer coat is long, thick, flat and weather resistant, and there is a dense, woolly, close-fitting undercoat. The white, coat can be all white, or white with badger, reddish brown, grey or tan markings, and needs daily brushing to keep it clean, shiny and tangle free. Great Pyrenees tend to shed a lot, so a good vacuum cleaner or an easygoing attitude towards housekeeping is essential to owning one of these wonderful dogs.

Great Pyrenees are gentle giants; they love children and are loyal and protective of their home and family. They are very intelligent dogs that are easy to train with the proper technique. Although they are quite large dogs, the Great Pyrenees has a fairly small appetite.

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