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Seeing spots? They don’t come any more “spotted” than this! Many have stopped to stare in awe of this gorgeous breed and it’s famous spots! Well known for it’s fire hall duties, and made very famous by Disney’s 101 Dalmatians, this breed has been around for centuries.

Of Croatian descent, the Dalmatian is thought to have originated in Northern India, where the breed was used as a sentry to warn against invasion by neighboring Turkey.

The breed traveled to Dalmatia, a region of Croatia located along the Adriatic Sea during the 16th Century, and has since become popular throughout Europe for herding livestock, guarding home and hearth, controlling vermin populations and even performing in circus acts!

The breed has since found it’s way into the hearts and homes of North Americans. Naturally intelligent, energetic, athleticism, agile and graceful, the Dalmatian excels in agility, flyball, obedience, conformation, search and rescue and pet therapy, as well as making a loyal, affectionate and lively family companion.

Dalmatians puppies are born white, and develop their trademark black spots as they mature. Dalmatians are happy and well-behaved, provided they are given plenty of exercise and attention.

They tend to be strong-willed and require obedience training and a firm hand from an early age. Dalmatians make great companions for those who like to run! The Dalmatian is NOT the dog for everyone! Be sure to research the breed using the links below before making a decision to add this very special dog to your family.

Ownership requires a strong commitment to training and exercising this very active and energetic breed. With the right training and exercise, the Dalmatian makes a wonderful all-round family dog and a great conversation piece!

Dalmatian Puppies

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