Despite the uncanny – yet miniaturized – resemblance to the Doberman Pinscher, the Miniature Pinscher is actually a much older breed, well-known in it’s native Germany for more than 300 years.

Originally developed from a cross between the German Smooth-Haired Pinscher and a number of smaller breeds (the Italian Greyhound and Smooth-Haired Dachshund are considered to be among them), this tiny breed is also referred to as Reh Pinscher after it’s resemblance to a small species of deer by that name.

Miniature Pinschers were originally used to hunt rats and other vermin, and will still give the cat a run for it’s money in the mousing department. Nowadays, however, the Miniature Pinscher is bred for one purpose: to be a loving, devoted family pet – a job at which it truly excels.

Although these adorable little dogs appear quite fragile, they are actually fairly rugged, making them a suitable playmate for children. They stand from 10 to 12 inches at the shoulder and have erect (usually cropped) ears and a very distinctive (and cute!) hackney gait which enthralls spectators at dog shows.

The short, shiny and smooth coat requires very minimal grooming, and comes in shades of solid red, or black or brown with rich tan markings. Miniature Pinscher make wonderful pets for elderly or disabled dog lovers as they require minimal exercise.

Minpins thrive on human companionship and require a devoted owner with plenty of love and attention to offer.

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