For centuries, the large, friendly, devoted dogs known as Newfoundlands have worked diligently on their home island of Newfoundland in the far east of Canada, working alongside fishermen as rescue and working dogs. These web-footed, water-loving dogs have a natural instinct for water rescue. There are many stories of Newfoundland dogs pulling their owners out of the cold and rough Atlantic waters to safety, aided by their thick, water repellant coat, webbed paws, and tremendous strength, endurance and intelligence. It is thought that the Newfoundland dog descended from Tibetan Mastiffs who migrated to Newfoundland many centuries ago and were later bred with Viking Bear Dogs brought to the island by Leif Eriksson in the 1100’s. Fast becoming one of North America’s most popular family dog breeds, Newfoundland dogs are very devoted to their owners and love being part of large families with children. They have a dense, oily double coat which requires daily grooming. Newfoundland dogs need plenty of daily exercise – and love to swim. Newfoundland dogs do not enjoy hot weather, and do best in cooler climates.

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