The Shiba Inu is a big dog in a small body! This proud breed goes all the way back to the Joumon period in Japan (before 300 B.C.). In Japan, this breed reigns supreme as the most popular dog – with more than 1 million registered, and is quickly finding it’s way into the hearts and homes of dog lovers world-wide.

In some ways, the Shiba Inu seems almost like a cat – always cleaning itself and possessing the amazing ability to climb. They are extremely intelligent and are quite primitive in nature, retaining strong instincts to hunt.

This breed is not for everyone – they require a strong hand and very early socialization and obedience training to keep their natural aggressiveness towards other dogs in hand.

With adequate care and training, these free-spirits make loyal and loving companions and excellent house dogs, and can adapt to almost any living environment – doing as well in a city apartment as in a sprawling country home.

Shibas require plenty of exercise to curb their natural tendency to roam, and their climbing ability makes topped kennel runs a necessity. The thick, medium length double coat requires minimal grooming – weekly brushing and an occasional bath does the trick nicely.

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