Cairn Terrier History:

The Cairn Terrier is a tiny terrier originated in the Western Highlands and Islands of Scotland, where it was originally called the “Short-Haired Skye Terrier”, and is considered to be the oldest of the British Terrier breeds. In order to avoid confusing this breed with the Skye Terrier, fanciers later changed the name to Cairn Terrier. At one time, the small and feisty Cairn Terrier was used to hunt rats and other vermin and keep their populations down.

Cairn Terrier Temperament:

Cairn Terriers make wonderful family pets. They are active and intelligent and full of fun! Cairn Terriers love to play and are a great choice for well-behaved children (older than 4 is recommended, as younger children may inadvertently harm the small pooch). Cairn Terriers are well-suited for live in almost any setting, from apartments in the city to large acreages. They are quite active and need to be given plenty of opportunity to exercise, preferably a safely fenced, outdoor area to play in.

Cairn Terrier Physical Description:

Cairn Terriers stand about 10 inches at the shoulder and have a thick, harsh coat that comes in a variety of shades. Regular combing is required to remove dead hair, and occasional “hand-stripping” is also recommended to keep the outline of your Cairn Terrier’s coat trim.

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