Breeder’s Showcase has been providing responsible dog breeders with very effective and affordable advertising services.

Starting from just $7.95 per month, our breeder membership packages offer:

  1. Your own “showcase page” that you build instantly and manage yourself – all through your own, personal (and very easy-to-use), fill-in-the-blanks breeder administration page.
  2. Professional search engine optimization of your Breeder Showcase Page.
  3. Room for up to 10 pictures of your dogs and puppies that you can change as often as you like, whenever you like, instantly!
  4. Unlimited CHANGES for NO FEE!  Changes you make to your ad INSTANTLY appear.
  5. Our yearly automated subscription service through Paypal takes the hassle out of paying your bill. It’s fully automated with Paypal, but you can also cancel at any time through your Paypal account.


  • Save money! No need to pay hundreds and hundreds of dollars each year to be listed on a popular marketplace for quality puppies. Pay just one affordable monthly or yearly fee to find qualified buyers for your puppies.
  • Improve your web site’s search engine status. Your “showcase page” and available puppies ads display a “followed” link to your web site, instantly improving your web site’s “page rank” and increasing the likelihood of a good position on the search engines, such as Google, Yahoo, and others.
  • Simplify bill paying for advertising services through our recurring billing. Cancel any time, if needed.
  • Avoid advertising on “puppy mill” web sites. Puppy Stork does not accept advertising from breeders that do not meet our guidelines for responsible breeders. All new memberships are subject to review before they are posted and we reserve the right to reject advertising from breeders whom we feel are not breeding in a responsible manner.
  • NO MORE EMAIL SCAMS! Only verified prospective adopters will be able to access your contact information. They will need to register and be logged in to reach out to you.
  • Referral Rewards Program! Let other responsible breeders know about Puppy Stork. For every new breeder that signs up for our service as a result of your referral, we’ll give you 3 FREE MONTHS of service!

Ready to sign up for a membership for your kennel? Just click here to create your membership, subscription and “showcase page”.  Once our staff have verified and  reviewed your information (usually within 24 hours), your kennel will be showcased on Puppy Stork!

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